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Use Shapes & Forms to Decorate your Home

Interior design trends have evolved over the years. One of the common strategies used by architects is embedding geometric shapes & forms, decoration patterns, and prints in the décor. Different geometry figures help to create a state of equilibrium and bring the rooms in harmony. With interesting, bold touches, geometric figures can transform the look of your interiors and add an ultramodern touch to it. There are many 5 BHK apartments in Malad that have done the same. Mentioned below are a few modern ideas for incorporating geometry into your home décor:


Geometry patterns grab the attention very easily. There are two ways you can create patterns: (a) repeat the same shape, or (b) combine a few of them together. Either way, it is important to balance them out. While repeated patterns can be easily balanced, combining different shapes can be a little tricky. Use bold, sharp, and vibrant geometric patterns to make the décor interesting.

Add geometry to the walls

Solid colour walls often look bland and fail to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Adding an interesting element to the wall makes the interiors appealing. In the world of contemporary interior designing, geometric photo wallpapers have become very common. They are cheap and add a whole new character to the walls. With a modern and minimalistic approach, the wide range of patterns is the perfect solution to eliminate boredom from the décor.

Play with colours

Apart from just focusing on the patterns, put some thought into the colours that will be used in the patterns as well. Using colours that do not complement each other can be a total disaster. It will diminish the overall appeal of the room. Black and white is the most common combination used in most spaces. You can opt for other colour combinations as well if you are confident that they will create a good contrasting effect.

Go for something versatile

Versatility is an important factor while incorporating geometry shapes. Home interiors are always changing, and to meet this dynamism, versatility in design is crucial. Stripes are commonly used as they complement different interior designs like contemporary, traditional, Victorian, transitional, shabby chic and mid-century. They also create the illusion of enhanced space in the room and make it appear more organised.

The aforementioned are some of the many ways you can use geometric figures, shapes, and patterns to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house. However, you must be very careful while incorporating them as they may diminish the appeal of the house if not done properly. There are many 2 BHKs in Ghodbunder Road that have used geometry figures to enhance the look of the interiors.