CW’s The 100 Will Be Ending After Season 7

One of the CW’s most significant hits The 100 is about to end after its seventh installment. The show first started airing in 2014 and has been loved immensely by fans since then. The final installment is set to have 16 episodes as it previously announced.

SOURCE: CW’s The 100 Will Be Ending After Season 7 , Tekwire

CW has been concluding their well-acclaimed shows this year continuously, and it continues with The 100 ending. Previously Arrow announced its eighth installment to be the final one in March. Just a week later the cast of another hit series Supernatural announced that the show would end after 15 seasons. Recently finales were aired for hit shows like Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Show creator Jason Rothenberg made the announcement of the show on Twitter. Jason expressed his gratitude towards The CW for presenting him the opportunity to run The 100 and to allow it to end on its own terms. The show creator had a bittersweet feeling regarding the news. His tweet was well received by the fans, and they shared their expectations regarding the final season.

The 100 is a drama that mixes science under post-apocalyptic settings. The show is vaguely based on the book series by the same name written by Kass Morgan. The show tells the story of criminals who are among the first humans to return on Earth after mass nuclear destruction. The show has many characters come and go due to its heightened nature. However, there are actors such as Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin) and Bob Morley(Bellamy Blake) who have been in the show since the start. Both of them are loved by the fanbase and have received several Teen Choice Awards nominations. Even the show has been praised for its unique concepts and moral dilemmas, all mixed in an entertaining punch.

The show is also known to leave viewers with constant intriguing questions regarding the characters. The cast explained some of the character complexities and the effect they have on the audience. Avgeropoulos, who has been playing the role of Octavia Blake since the first season praised show’s ability to provide such character complexities. Her character has gone dark at times while also offering redemption for herself. Several other characters have said some things along the line of it, regarding the show’s brilliant writing.

The show contains 16 episodes, and the final episode will have its own sense of completion as the final episode is also going to be the 100th.

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