Mar 10, 2018 19

Why SEO is important for online business

An article published in Forbes, in 2014, asked, Is SEO dead? Four years later, naysayers still ask the question. But a leading SEO company in Noida has stated that the business looking to grow organically in the year 2018 should not ignore SEO. Instead of focusing on the future of SEO, you should be focusing on increasing online business through organic traffic and sales.

The questions you should be asking yourself are:

● Why should I invest in SEO?

● Are the benefits tangible?

● What is the benefit of traffic?

● Should I trust a company offering SEO services in Pune?

All the above questions and many like it will lead you to the importance of SEO in online business. With social media marketing and online advertising rising in popularity, it is easy to assume the decline in SEO’s importance. However, in this article we have given the five major benefits your business can drive from an effective campaign.

1. It still drives results – As stated in the beginning of the article, search engine optimization still brings in results. The focus should not shift from creating an optimal user journey. SERPs and users both love hassle-free journeys with tons of information. This will increase rankings and that will further increase organic traffic to your business. Follow up with your SEO company in Pune to keep the website or page optimized and the traffic is bound to convert into users.

2. It costs less than paid advertising – You have to either hire PPC services or SEO services in Pune. For both, a certain amount has to be paid. However, it is a fact, that a regular and professionally-managed SEO campaign will give a higher ROI in the long run. Keep in mind most people just click on the first 3-5 search results. So, the higher the rankings, the higher the number of people reaching your page organically.

3. It engages customers easily – Your customers are more than likely to turn-off ads and pop-ups. But, they will be happier engaging with informative and unbiased content. A SERP is more likely to give this content a higher rank. Companies providing SEO services in Pune will tell you that reviews and testimonials by other customers affect buying decisions, becoming a major source of organic traffic.

4. Content is very important – Online business is dependent on good content. You need to be create a rich-profile through social media and professional channels. Ask your SEO company in Noida to Keep content up-to-date, relevant, and avoid repetitive and meaningless content. The need for a robust presence via blogs and guest posting can also help pull in organic traffic to your online business.

5. Know your competition – It is very important to know what your competitors are doing. Assess the keywords they are using to attract customers. Be aware of the content that is dictating your customers’ search. Another factor to take note of is, if the business is not moving ahead, it is stagnant. Then it is your competition who is attracting organic traffic to their site, leaving you at a loss.

In the end, just remember you may be unable to handle all the detailing required to run a successful campaign to get organic traffic. It is better to hire an SEO company in Pune or an SEO company in Noida, or anywhere else, as they will know all the tricks and techniques to keep your online business on the top of search results. Keep the experience and expertise of the agency in mind. After all, SEO today is as relevant as it was when search began to be used. It remains one of the most important components of an online marketing strategy for big as well as small companies.