Apr 29, 2018 7

Voice Search Optimization Tips For Your Website

With each passing year, new trends in the SEO industry keep emerging and providers of SEO services in Mumbai and Pune always stay in tune with the changing industry. Amongst numerous changes that has taken the SEO world by storm, voice search is on the top. Gradually, people have shifted to using voice search on their mobile devices, and nowadays it is also trending on PC platforms as well. Voice search is mostly preferred as people no longer have to type several words and phrases to attain desired information.

With voice search taking hold as a popular mode of conducting searches on the internet, it is critical that your official site is optimized for voice search.

Here are few tips to optimize your website for voice searches:

Speed Up Your Website

It is seen that, when an individual visits a website, they want to access the information they are looking for as soon as possible. Most visitors hate slow loading websites and are quick to abandon them, preferring fast loading sites.

Search Engines too have a negative outlook on slow responding sites. In case your webpage is not optimized for faster loading, incoming traffic will be low. It will also result in less revenue generation.

Removing unwanted widgets and reformatting the website to boost its performance is the key to be displayed on the first result page of a search engine.

Optimize Your Content

An optimized content attracts more users. It is one of the many reasons why there has been a steady rise in the use of SEO tools like Google’s Keyword Planner. On top of that, intelligent use of infographics, interactive videos, and engaging audios can also increase the optimization factor of online content.

Local SEO Ranking Factor

There is a high demand for local SEO if you want to increase the rapidity of lead generation. The phenomenon can be explained with an example- if you are in Bangalore and want the best hotels there, you will type “best hotels in Bangalore.” When you type in Google search option, it will prefer localized websites first. So, give more attention to local keywords. Seek the help of an experienced SEO Company in Mumbai or Pune to increase ranking on local SERP pages.

Be Mobile-friendly

Usually, voice search takes place only on mobile devices, so your site has to be mobile-friendly as well. Being mobile-friendly means, it has to load without any difficulty even in low internet connectivity. Your SEO company in Pune or Mumbai should be able to help with this.

The content should also have a few attributes like usage of simple words, small paragraphs, engaging sub-headings and short sentences to make your content effective and catchy. Keep in mind the need for your webpage to be compatible with all devices.


During a voice search, the visitor gives voice instructions to a search engine to get the desired result. By the input, the search engine displays the result and makes it easy for the user to find the result they are looking for. Providers of SEO services in Pune and Mumbai will be able to help identify keywords for voice search and help you create content accordingly.