May 23, 2018 8

5 Of The Biggest Seo Myths That Hinder The Growth Of Your Business

With increasing popularity comes hyped misconceptions. Digital marketing is the newest instrument in the business world, which is also prone to such misconceptions. The big brands quickly adapt and can stay ahead of the curve with the help of a SEO company in Chennai. The issue is with small businesses without the means who create their own assumptions without having the adequate knowledge. Let's discuss these myths sparked by unfinished knowledge for digital marketing.

Here are 5 of the biggest SEO myths that hinder your business's growth-

There is no room for small business in Digital Marketing-

The biggest mistake small-scale businesses are doing is, ignoring digital marketing. They dodge by saying it’s not their cup of tea, well it’s their biggest mistake. As a business, you might not have enough funds to work on heavy advertising, as it takes a fortune. Also, your market is just limited the small community you are situated in, which leaves no room for a business to grow.

With digital marketing, you get a 24x7 salesman, taking orders, conversing with customers, and communicating your message or offers as far as you can push. As a promotional platform, the amount spent from your wallet is limited to create and upload a compelling advertising video or picture, which is way better than your old school fliers.

Being online doesn’t mean staying online-

Generally, small businesses are reluctant towards digital marketing because they think it will part their attention from the actual business. But let’s hear this out, imagine you run an Italian restaurant and a hungry group of people just walk by your door. They search Italian restaurant near me and find your place. They dine, had a great time and give you an all-star rating, which will further attract more customers. Practically, you didn’t even have to lift a finger, just staying online invited new customers to your business. If you really don’t have the time, you can always count on an SEO company in Bangalore to work on successful digital campaigns for you.

Brand Fear-

Some small business owners, do not want to go online due to a sheer fear of being crushed by the brand competition. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need a big advertising budget to go online. In fact, social media is your biggest strength.

Being on social media, allows you to interact, solve queries and gain feedback. You being the owner you are the best person to make changes and explain what your business is all about. This, as a leading SEO company in Bangalore would say, creates a genuine social presence. Brands may lack this personal touch and immediateness which keep them from constructing a similar social presence.

Social Media has Zero application in my line of work-

This might be true to a certain extent, but only if you keep your eyes closed. Certain businesses like manufacturing and secondary small-scale businesses don’t have much to promote.

But just having a social media page, gives you an edge over your competition, as you will have a vibrant business profile. Also, people could reach you out from faraway places. Potentially creating a new business relationship with an SEO company in Chennai suggests businesses should get online listings as a part of the digital expansion of their business.

SEO or search engine optimization is no longer a pursuit of brands, it has to become a way of life for smaller business looking to survive in a tough marketplace. If you lack the skills or manpower to do it on your own, take the help of a SEO company in Chennai or Bangalore to help you remain success.

Small businesses may have many misconceptions with regard to using SEO. But, here we bust some of these myths and give you the impetus to hire an SEO company in Chennai or Bangalore.