Feb 09, 2018 0

Tips for Plus-size Women to Accessorize Properly

For a plus-size woman, exploring the styling sense is a must. You better know the mandates while accessorizing yourself properly to avoid doing overdo.

Wear a Statement Jewelry: Choose a statement jewelry wholeheartedly as tiny pieces of studs or chain can get lost in your overall style. According to the renowned stylists, cuff bracelets, stacked bangles, large necklaces with pendants and cocktail rings will look wonderful on plus-size women. Carrying this style will draw the eye up and down as per the stylists.

Pick one and the right piece of jewelry to avoid ornamenting yourself like a Christmas tree. Choose among the dangling earrings and a statement necklace or any other part of you which you want to highlight.

Carry a Big Purse: Don't go for too small accessories. You can pick the right size by seeing yourself in the mirror because a full-length mirror will show you the right size of the bag in the right proportion to overall frame. If you see it doesn't fit your outfit, you better go with a bigger size. A large tote, shoulder bag, hobo or a substantial satchel or top-handle purse will look wonderful. Don't go with anything smaller than 8-11 inches.

Define your Waist with a Belt: To define your waistline, wear either a three-inch belt or one-inch wide belt. Obi belts will enhance your dress and jumpsuits by giving it an ideal shape. You can look for the one made by a substantial fabric or leather that wraps you around the waist and tie in the back. Ones with the hardware detailing and embellished ones will create a focal point. Women with more weight in the middle may find cinching belts the best at the waistline.

Footwear with pointed toes: A pointed silhouette is better to wear with any dress style. Life yourself a few inches wearing slightest heels to elongate legs. Don't think before wearing stacked or kitten heel which will do the trick wonderfully. Avoid wide ankles, fuller calves, T-straps and ankle straps which many interrupt your leg line and make them appear wider.

Among all, these basic tips can do the trick in styling differently despite your overweight. Plus-size women must try these tricks to enhance their personality.