May 15, 2017 7

Almost like real photography again...

...only better.

It's that original A7 body. Sure, there's a few small things I'd change if I could, but the experience is just so... organic. Ergonomic. Simple. It took a little while to figure out that I could, but I went back to full manual, like I was shooting a Praktica TL with unlimited film. Having to change batteries on an outing is almost like changing film, except I 300 shots instead of 27.

So, I started shooting in 2002. Film. Cheap as chips. Before long I was beta testing something called flickr, and my photo persona was born.
I continued to shoot film until my first DSLR in 2013 - an E-volt, already a good few years old. It was honestly the release of the A7 that got me into digital, and it only took me a year before I had the funds to get one. What a revelation. A HUGE viewfinder. I could practically see in the dark, better than any SLR experience. And I still haven't got my A7S, but soon.
That first summer with my A7 I took as many pictures as I had in the previous 10 years. Never less than 100 a day. All the while feeling like an invulnerable film shooter, never running out of lives. Game on. It's raining? Game on. It's freezing? Game on.
Every time I shoot with my A7 people ask 'is that a film camera?'. No one ever asks that when I am shooting a DSLR. Of course, the average consumer isn't too savvy. I shoot with a $40 Canon and folks think I have a 'really nice camera'. I shoot with my $1500 Sony and most folks don't even notice. People are much less shy about film.
Of course, I shoot everything. People. Nature. Animals. Architecture. Landscapes. Whatever my eye can see I shoot... let God sort 'em out.

Well, that was a ramble, but I think I need to say: thanks, Sony. Whether people know or appreciate it, all these things they take for granted, and the rapid development in imaging technology, all of it has at least something to do with you. And me finally giving in to digital, that has everything to do with Sony.