Apr 29, 2017 22

The alpha Universe

I started out with a NEX5 as a lightweight camera to use when I didn't want to carry my heavy Canon full frame gear.  After my Canon APS-C backup camera was stolen I replaced it with a NEX6.  I really loved this little camera so when Sony came out with the A7 full frame camera I immediately signed into the alpha universe, sold all my Cannon gear, bought some Sony Zeiss lenses and have never looked back.  The above and below pictures were taken on a trip down the Oregon coast in 2016 with the Sony Zeiss16-35mm f4 lens.  My go to lens for landscapes which is most of my work.

The night sky was taken with the same lens on the same trip, my first foray into astrophotography.

When I bought the Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8 lens I immediately put this little gem to work on some images where sharpness counted for everything.  This sunflower is one of my favorites.

My next investment was to upgrade the NEX6 to an a6000 after which I had my NEX converted to B&W infared. I have always loved shooting infrared (IR) since my film days, but then you never knew what you were going to get until the film was processed, using a mirrorless camera is the perfect way to go as, just as with regular color, WYSIWYG.  This image NEX6 10-18mm f4 lens.

Another of my favorite techniques is long exposure photography, this one taken with the 16-35 and a ten stop neutral density filter.

But when I don't have the filter with me I can always use the in-camera Play Memories smooth water app.

Morro Bay at Sunset, a7 16-35 f4   March 2017

A few days ago I received an A7rII in the mail and am now looking forward to even bigger and better things.  These Sony cameras truly are amazing and the switch from DSLR is the best thing I ever did.

My gear.

Sony NEX 6

Sony a6000

Sony A7

APS-C lenses

Sony 10-18mm f4

Sony G 18-105 f4

Full frame lenses.

Sony Zeiss16-35 f4

Sony Zeiss 24-70 f4

Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8

Sony 90mm macro f2.8

Sony G 70- 200 f4 

and my new addition: