Oct 28, 2018 0

Do you Know the Reasons of Popularity of Royal Enfield?

Whether it is for a bike trip to Ladakh or a dream bike for most of the Indian boys, Royal Enfield will proudly be the answer in both these cases for most of the people. Not just for special occasions, it is one of the most popular bikes in India on regular days as well. If you are confused about whether your next bike should be a Royal Enfield or not, here are some of the reasons behind its popularity that will help you in taking a better decision: -

● It is one of the first bikes that came to India and had been popular even during the British rule. They were earlier used only by army men and policemen. When the rest of the population started using them instantly got admiration in the society.

● Royal Enfield is one of the heaviest and the strongest bikes. You can be sure of its durability and good performance even on the most difficult roads.

● These bikes are a perfect blend of strength and style. Thus, it is a popular choice for people who demand either or both of these two features from their bike.

● There are various models available to choose from. The Royal Enfield is even available in various colours. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the CC and other specifications to get your dream bike.

● For the people who love standing out in the crowd or enjoy getting some attention, riding an Enfield is a perfect choice. When you start it or when you are riding it on the road, you are sure to turn lots of heads towards your bike.

● Since it is one of the oldest brands, even older than Harley Davidson, you do not have to think twice on the brand image. For a brand to survive for so long in the market, it is important that it should be of great quality. Thus, you can be assured that your bike will perform well.

● Owning a Royal Enfield means you do not have to worry much about its repairs and servicing. Since the bike is not new in the market, you will easily find its spare parts and the mechanics who know how to mend it. This is often the problem with new bikes, but you will be out of this if you own an Enfield. Several Royal Enfield exhaust manufacturers in India will provide you spare parts easily.

● The modern-day Enfield is easier to ride than the models of the past. There are features like disc brake and electric start which have made riding such a powerful bike easily. Thus, you can find anyone and almost everyone riding it.

● It is the first bike that came with the concept of twin cylinder which made the bike even more popular. Being a pioneer in this, this vintage design bike constantly attracts people due to its innovative features from time to time.

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