Combining hand-made with machine-made frames much of the studio’s work, from hand assembling laser-cut sheets of acrylic to hand finishing 3d printed products.

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I’m an Environmental Designer whose work is guided by investigations in the digital design movement – how new digital production methods can profoundly change traditional design. Through a making dialog of analogy design to digital design and back, I investigate how the means of production can enhance traditional design aesthetics, and how to leverage each to maximum potential. My studio collection includes a range of lighting, furniture and accessories.

From hand assembling laser-cut sheets of metalized acrylic to hand finishing 3d printed parts, layering hand-made with machine-made frames much of my studio’s output. This ensures each technique is carefully balanced and the results often exceed expectations. Notable designs include the Kinema pendant, Crème Isolè, and Cell dishes.

My work has appeared in Wallpaper*, OBJET2, and Swarovski Elements, among others.

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