Apr 12, 2017 36

Cape Cod Through a Lens

The Cape Cod Railroad Bridge is an iconic "Gateway" land mark welcoming visitors to Cape Cod. As a photographer I love everything about this landmark; the history, the location, and the challenge of having to think outside the box to create an image from an angle many people don't get to see it from.

Cape Cod is filled with hidden harbors and landmarks, and in my mind is one of the best places to shoot because you have so many photo opportunities everywhere you look. 

Woodend Lighthouse is located in Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This Lighthouse is about a 2 mile walk from the mainland and only accessible by walking over a 1.5 mile jetty. The cold wind was blowing against my face and the long walk was already hard enough. Luckily the A7ii is compact, light weight and easy to take on a long hike. As I approached the Lighthouse and set up my tripod the clouds broke open and created a "Picture Perfect" scene.

Long-exposures are an easy and creative way to capture moments. Moving objects become visible in the photo, water appears smooth, moving lights create streaks, and moving clouds appear blurred.