Jul 12, 2017 5

Global views and collaborations in fine art printmaking

Working globally with the first Sony DSC-RX100 followed by the RX100 III, and then since Sony's introduction of the extraordinary professional RX1R II camera, as an artist, scholar and author, the quality of digital imagery, color and resolution in fine art printmaking continues to break unprecedented grounds. Site-specific installations of international and historical subjects created with the remarkable digital capture by the RX cameras with Zeiss lens, provide new viewer experiences. Along with proactive educational collaborations by universities and hosts from Europe to China. Prints created into 112x152cm (44x66") and larger wall-sized images for site-specific exhibitions offer further applications of groundbreaking underway thanks in great part to Sony's advanced camera technologies. As seen above for the exhibition opening hosted by the Lithuanian Photographers Association with the Meno Parkas Galerija that included lecturing at universities in Kaunas. 

Further exhibitions and prints views with Sony RX cameras-based imagery see https;//