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What are the Various Advantages of Using Bullet Proof Shield?

Human flesh is utterly sensitive to stabs and bullet shots. Thus, the police officers and military officers need to guard themselves from the bullet shots as they are exposed to gun shots all the time. The bullet which is shot from a gun moves at a tremendous speed and penetrates the body rightaway to cause the oozing of the blood. There are times when a soldier or a military officer dies instantly. Thus, it is must to consider a bullet proof shield. The vest creates a barrier between the shot bullet and the body of the person. Thus, the gunshot fails to reach the flesh.

How does bullet proof vest benefits the officer?

With the help of a comfortable and lightweight bulletproof shield, the law enforcement or the military officer can carry out his duties with utmost confidence. When the officer wears an external ballistic vest, it sends a message to the opponent that he is supposed to aim his forehead and not the torso. The concealable vest is the perfect option for those who fight with the enemies on the borders.

Bulletproof vest: a boon to police forces

Undoubtedly, the bulletproof jacket is a boon to the police forces, bomb squads and military forces. Comprised of various layers, there is the use of ceramic plates to defend you from the gunshots. So, the wearer enjoys extra protection.

The various levels of ballistic protection

If you want, you can avail various levels of protection to protect yourself from the opponent. Some of the ballistic protection level includes IIA, IIIA, II and 3 and 4. You can choose any of the levels as per the need. The classification is made on the basis of guns used by the opponents. It may be a handgun or a shotgun and can also be either armor piercing rifle or a high powered rifle.

Bulletproof jacket for jail personnel

Bullet proof shield is also vital for the jail personnel. If the prisoners in the jail have no chance of using a gun against the police officer but they can use sharp knives to harm the jailman. So, the ceramic plate which is just inside the ballistic vest can protect the jail personnel from sharp objects and severe injuries.

Some factors to consider for bullet proof vests

  • When you use the bullet proof vest, make sure it is designed in the perfect manner. The ballistic wear which is being designed newly must undergo certain standardized tests to ensure that it is safe and effective. The tactical vest should meet certain standards. It must be at par with the rules set by NIJ or National institute of Justice. Several gunshots must be fired to test the efficacy of the ballistic wear.
  • With the help of a ballistic wear, a military officer or a police officer can save their lives. Apart from safeguarding the user from the gunshots, the vest must also be light in weight to facilitate easy mobility. If it is too heavy, it will make the user feel uncomfortable.

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