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Everything you Should Know About Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are one of the most popular varieties of ready-to-wear wigs available in the market. But, buying a wig just because everyone else is buying or recommending isn’t something prudent. As a new buyer, you should know a few tips which would help you choose a lace front wig wisely.

1. What is it?

As described on Wikipedia, “a lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of hairpiece or wig in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp.”

2. Why are these immensely popular?

Front lace wigs look extremely natural. This means once you wear it, it will appear look as genuine as a natural hairline. So, no more weird looks from by-standers or questions from those known to you.

Another reason behind the popularity of lace wigs is their versatility. You may try out different hairstyles such as half ponytail, or low ponytail, or side ponytail, or a high ponytail.

3. How expensive are lace front wigs?

The cost depends on the type and style of front-lace wigs you would choose. Wigs made using human-hair are generally more expensive as compared to those made using synthetic hair. There are online stores like which offer discounted lace front wigs.

4. Do these require special storage or maintenance?

Like for every other wig, proper storage and maintenance techniques should be followed to ensure that the wigs last longer. Keep these wigs away from dust, direct sunlight and heat. Further, keep these away from children and pets. If you wear a wig daily, put it on a hanger or a stand.

If you do not wear the same wig daily, keep your front-lace wig in a plastic bag and keep it in a cool area. Make sure that the wig does not come in contact with water or any other liquid as it may result in mildew developing on your wig (this made you cringe with disgust, right?).

Remember that wigs made using human hair are harder to clean. Hence, using a wig made using synthetic hair is a better choice if you are short of time most of the time.

5. What are the benefits of lace front wigs other than its natural look?

  • It looks inconspicuous even when you brush your hair backwards i.e. away from the forehead.
  • Allows the wearer to part the wig in the middle without it revealing the base of the cap.
  • Lace makes these wigs extremely durable.
  • Breathable and light.
  • Available in different types (human-hair, synthetic and monofilament).

For those who sweat profusely, mono-filament front lace wigs are a good option as they are flatter against the head and are breathable at the crown.

Tip to remember: While buying any type of wig, check the measurements so that it fits you well.