May 23, 2017 13

Do More With Less - Multipurpose Cleaning Products

When it comes to household cleaning products, there seems to be something for everything these days. Because of this hyper-specialization within the shelves of the cleaning aisles, most Americans have drawers and cabinets full of dozens of different cleaners, all of which were purchased for a specific job. Is there really a need for all of this excess?

Not when multi-surface cleaners exist.

When One Bottle Does it All

A multi-surface concentrate typically comes with a list of varies instructions for solutions that are perfect for handling a wide array of household cleaning jobs. From spot cleaning floors to sanitizing kitchen counters, one base concentrate can do it all. By concentrating the strength of the cleaning chemicals into a dense, powerful liquid, customers can purchase only what they need – cleaning products without water or fillers – and make gallons more diluted product for use in household chores.

Why bring home bags of bottles for cleaning when a customer can keep a single formula on hand for various tasks? Ammonia or other strong chemicals are used as a base in popular, concentrated-strength cleaners, and are safe for use on nearly any hard, non-porous surface. Some cleaning tasks a multipurpose formula can tackle include:

  • Countertop cleaning in kitchen and food prep areas
  • Tabletop cleaning in dining areas
  • Bathroom and toilet areas
  • Mopping and floor cleaning
  • Removing tough, greasy or stuck-on spots on all hard surfaces
  • Spray bottle solutions, made with water, for quick cleaning and sanitation

Because so many jobs can be done with one product, space, time and even money can be saved by choosing multisurface concentrate cleaners instead of specialized products.

Saving on Everything by Buying Less

It’s no secret that buying fewer products can lead to savings. Although concentrated cleaners can cost more per ounce than weaker strength products, the ability to dilute and create more cleaning solution with them leads to obvious savings over time. What’s more, customers typically have the accessories needed for creating these solutions at home – such as water, buckets or pans, sponges, mops or cleaning cloths – and do not need to invest in additional supplies.

However, purchasing only a single bottle of cleaner also saves the modern housekeeper time. Whether the person cleaning is a full-time housekeeper or an occasional tidier when busy schedule permits, few people would willingly invest more time in their regular cleaning routine if they were given the choice. When one product can create many, a person can create a single solution, grab a few cleaning accessories such as sponges and cloths, and get to work without having to return to the basket of supplies every few minutes for another, specialized product.

Lastly, concentrated multipurpose cleaners save space. The idea of opening a cabinet only to have a dozen bottles tumble out every time the house needs cleaning is a daunting reality for many people, and concentrated cleaners can help solve this problem. With most of your household cleaning needs available in one bottle, it’s easy to keep your supply of cleaning chemicals in one, small space, and save the rest of your cabinets, closets, and drawers for something more enjoyable.

In these ways, cleaning concentrates save today’s housekeepers every single day.