Jan 30, 2017 537

5 Uses of Cable Assembly

As the name suggests, a cable assembly is made up of a number of wires or cables which transfer information or power based on the application and material. These assemblies offer a number of advantages over traditionally used loose wires and cables, making them a preferred option by several industries now.

5 of the most common applications of cable assembly include-

1. Medical Industry

The medical industry has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last decade, and cable assemblies have played a major role in this advancement. Custom assemblies are very commonly used by healthcare professionals for providing treatment to the patients. Monitoring equipment, imaging systems, diagnosing machines and X-ray machines use high-quality custom cable assemblies to deliver the desired outcome.

2. Telecommunication Industry

While the modern technical platforms are inclined towards a wireless build, custom assemblies are still abundantly used in the telecommunications industry. Broadband and telecom service providers use a wide range of custom assemblies for their daily activities and providing customers with uninterrupted services.

3. Automotive Manufacturing Industry

As the modern automobiles have revolutionized so has their wiring. While the automobiles now come with several advanced technologies, they are of no use if the operating system is not able to provide the desired results.

Automotive manufacturing industries use many different types of custom assemblies to provide customers with the best of automobiles. From custom harnesses to wiring of signals, automobile manufacturers rely on custom assemblies for their production.

4. Military

Custom cable assembly manufacturer also offers an extensive range of products for military devices and applications. For military use, it is very important for the cable assemblies to withstand harsh outdoor conditioned while still delivering the required outcome. Manufacturers provide these assemblies with enhanced strength and durability to ensure that they can function flawlessly in rough conditions.

5. Computers

Modern computers are smaller, faster and lighter that what they used to be just a year ago. Computer technology is evolving at a rapid pace and newer; better technologies are developed on a regular basis. But as the size of a computer shrinks, the demand for better custom assemblies grows.

These custom assemblies play a major role in the development of modern computer technologies as they are responsible for a number of important roles, like transferring data, power and signal without compromising speed or size of the computer. Apart from desktop units, laptops and GPS units too, use these assemblies.

While it is a convenience and use are two important aspects for a customer to purchase a product, custom cable assemblies play a major role in both these aspects. As these assemblies are now very commonly used in several industries, they are now a very important part of the modern world.