Jan 18, 2017 64

5 Early Signs that Show Your Friend Addicted to Alcohol

An addiction to alcohol or other drugs is enough to turn your life upside down and derail from its path. So, it is our duty to make out if any of our loved ones or friends is even showing early signs of addiction to alcohol or other primary drugs. Here are five early signs that can make your friend end up in alcohol addiction.

1) Start to run away from responsibilities:

Often people get fed up with their daily life circumstances and start to run away from responsibilities such performing poorly at the workplace, stop taking health care, neglecting your family and kids and most popular procrastination. These are few examples of most common responsibilities that people distant themselves and end up in discontent and loneliness.

2) Drinking to relax or lessen stress:

Often most of the people comment that they only drink just to de-stress themselves from the workload at the office and in relationships. But they don’t realize that it will some become their constant source of pleasure after work and they will be soon addicted to this.

3) Drinking to withdraw:

Another most common reason people give while drinking is that they drink to withdraw themselves away from situations like Depression, anxiety, fatigue, loss of appetite. But these reasons are enough to make you addicted to alcohol and completely ruin your life. There are other ways to get out of these situations; the two most famous being meditation and yoga.

4) Excessive night-outs and parties:

If your friend is attending a lot of late night parties, it’s about time you stop him/her from attending any more parties. As we know, it is very well said from the past that prevention is better than cure. Late night parties are the occasions most of the people get introduced to alcoholic drinks, and frequent parties mean frequent encounters with alcoholic drinks. This increases the chances of addiction many folds.

5) When one drink is not enough:

Often at times, when people are out with friends or loved ones often grab a drink just to have fun. But it becomes a serious problem when one drink or peg is not enough for them. It’s impossible to stop once they started. This is a very obsessive disorder in which a person might end up badly in addiction to alcohol if not taken care of.

In the US, these five are considered to be the most dominant reasons one finds his/her loved ones trapped in the cage of addiction to alcohol. To get over an addiction, one must consult a rehab center. Due to such high alcohol addiction rate in the US, there are a lot of rehab centers all over the country, such as centers for alcohol rehab in Phoenix and many other cities in Arizona.