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Flexibility, security, and scalability for Enterprise Businesses

Better payments stack, flexible hardware, a complete commerce platform — all powering a better customer experience to meet a new generation of buyer behaviors.

Solutions for Enterprise

Payments shouldn't be complicated. Square's stack is complete, scalable, and secure. See why enterprise businesses are simplifying their Payments through Square APIs and Partners.
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Managed Payments

Customer Profiles are automatically created and updated with each card transaction across all channels. Build relationships with regular customers and keep track of how business changes affect customer behavior.
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Customer Data

Power your business with a platform built on security. PCI Level 1 compliant, Square Professional Services on boarding, and 24/7 support for when you need it most.
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Data, Security, and Support

Powerful features in every point-of-sale solution

Know your customers better

Security you can count on

Make smarter business decisions

Streamline your checkout

Search your customer directory for past purchases and keep notes on every customer’s preferences to provide better overall service.

Data is protected through PCI Compliance, Risk Monitoring, and Dispute Management all at no cost to you.

Connect your payments with Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, and other enterprise systems. 

Accept payments from Mobile, Kiosks, Online or through a traditional point-of-sale. Keep tabs on where and how your customers are paying.

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