Apr 29, 2017 9

Solo trip to Thailand

I usually make my travel plan on a very short notice. Being a marketing guy I have to travel a lot. Therefore I get to meet a lot of characters and places & capturing those moments becomes automatic choice. I like to travel with small gears. My Sony a6000 with 16-50mm kit lens and a dedicated prime sel35f18 does the rest job quite well.

I planned a trip to Thailand to have a great leisure and to capture the landscapic scene and the citylife as well.

The A6000

This is a camera that changed my whole interest in photography. The small body the ergonomics, the picture quality and the razor sharp focusing technique has blown me. The more I use it the more I am in love with this little monster.

E PZ 16-50mm 3.5-5.6 OSS :

I have not seen people are satisfied with their kit lens so often. But whet i got habituated with this pancake lens I hardly unmounted it from my camera. It is my everyday lens. Its accurate, palm size and providing amazing output.

E 35mm f 1.8 OSS :

This is a lens that becomes an obvious second buy for the A6000 line up. The build quality, metal construction, smoothness and the picture quality is simply amazing. I mainly use it for portraits and street. This f1.8 stop creates a smooth background separation for portraits and makes my picture stand out. I simply love how it performs.

I believe in traveling without worrying about my gear and lenses. It helps me to visualize the scene more intensely. I will recommend this line up to everyone who is looking for lightweight gears and quality. Travel freely and leave the rest to this baby monster. I am saving bucks to buy a sony 24mm 1.8 to my line up.