Apr 11, 2017 494

The challenge to create new lifestyles: the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

"I really believe that achieving the technology for projecting a 4K image of such high definition from such a short distance without any distortion is nothing short of amazing. This projector is not simply an "object", it is something that delivers a veritable "experience" to our customers."- Masuda

"This is a product which was created by a team of highly-talented professionals. And it was then improved based on the feedback received. I hope I can speed up this approach even more and contribute to transforming people's lifestyles all over the world." - Masuda

"It was when I met with Kazuo Hirai that the topic of the short focus projector first came up. On that occasion, he said that the TV sets that we all have in our homes, once the power is turned off, are nothing but black boxes. From a design perspective this undermines their esthetics, and he said he wanted to change it. What he envisioned took shape exactly as he had envisioned it, and nothing was compromised in the process. Zero compromises, zero concessions. This is my impression of Sony's products." - Hamaguchi

All elements in harmony. Modular design combines five units into one. The cover closes automatically when the projector is turned off, keeping the unit inconspicuous while also protecting its interior from dust. 

Unlock your wall to imagination Turn your wall into a life-size window to another world. Be moved by scenery, art, movies, or sports with an expansive 147-inch image and 4x the clarity of Full HD. You may forget you’re home.

Simply place it next to a wall The Ultra Short Throw Lens lets you place the projector close to your wall for a giant, 147-inch image. Since it’s near a wall, viewer shadows won’t interfere with the picture, and more floor space is open. 

Each 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector is handcrafted to order. From its precision interior components to its understated exterior finish, every aspect exhibits the finest attention to detail.