30 years of passion and craftsmanship, bringing to life loudspeakers as musical instruments.

Our Story

Artisan workmanship, technology and sensitiveness. These are the three fundamental values of Sonus Faber, which are realised in our loudspeakers, an example of excellence in the world of high fidelity sound reproduction.

The synthesis between woodworking in the ancient art of lute making and the more modern technologies for the processing of metals, and the perfection of loudspeakers from the Northern European school, is increasingly perfect.

Sonus Faber has a policy of constant research inspired by the past; it draws on the ancient art of lute-making in the design of the acoustic cabinets and uses modern technology for the transducers.

The quest of a small craftsmanship activity which later on turned into a solid global corporation has been complex and undergone lots of changes, just like a symphony.

Its constant is the expertise in creating and listening to each speaker, pursuing a scientific approach without missing its two main objectives: emotion and music. Thus, musical expressions embodied by its loudspeakers have come to birth one after the other over the years.

A Brief History

The early '80s witnessed the birth of the Snail, a prototype produced in few pairs.

Over the following thirty years, Sonus Faber began addressing to increasingly larger groups of enthusiasts, and refining the technology aiming at the perfection of the loudspeaker.

In recent years two new collections have been presented, which skillfully combine high acoustic performances at an affordable price.

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