Jul 21, 2017 3

Grand Canyon, My 85th Birthday

Antelope Canyon and Sedona airport 0verlook, these are just a few highlights of my trip celebrating 85th birthday, I was alone traveling with a group of seniors and wanted to renew some of my memories, as well as add to my bucket list as I did with Monument Valley, Fabulous, Bryce Canyon ,small but well worth a visit, Zion, absolutely outstanding. Came home tired with a big smile on my face and about 1,000.00 great photos. Oh yes forgot to mention Pontooning down the Colorado River in Glen Canyon reservoir getting soaked in a rain storm and smiling all the way and the Mini blizzard in Grand Canyon while losing power and heat in the evening, with a beautiful surprise the next morning, about an 2 inches of snow adding to the magnificence of the park. Quite an adventure for anĀ  old lady and I would do it again, anytime.