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In most cases, countertops garner much of the attention when it comes to the kitchen décor. However, investing in a striking backsplash is a great way to redo the kitchen. For a classic finish, one can opt for neutral ceramic tiles, and for those of you leaning towards a trendier look, opt for a tile in a bold hue to make a statement. Below, you’ll find different tiles for your backsplash inspiration:

Ceramic Tile

For the most versatile option, one can have a look at ceramic tiles. Available in a wide range of hues and shapes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. With these tiles, there’s also plenty of room to experiment, stack them in columns, stagger them or lay them at an angle. What’s more, these tiles require minimal maintenance, which is always a plus. However, do make sure to seal the grout so that it doesn’t absorb water and get stained.


Natural stone backsplashes have a distinct texture that provides a visible contrast to smooth counters and cabinets. One thing to keep in mind is that stone is porous, which makes it much more challenging to clean. This kind of tile is also prone to chipping. You can also consider using granite or marble imported tiles that have been used on the countertops all the way up to the wall.

Natural Accents

For earthy tones, use subway tiles in shades of green. This will also help you add a pop of color to space. Use conventional white subway tiles in the rest of the space. This combination of light and dark tiles helps maintain color balance in the kitchen. Wood flooring will go quite well with this type of layout and will give the kitchen almost an outdoorsy feel. By adding tiny plant pots in the space and mainly sticking to wooden utensils, you can take the natural element a notch further.

Shimmering Focal Point

Shimmery backsplashes add a hint of glamour to space. These kinds of tiles will make your kitchen look considerably different from conventional kitchens out there. Metallic tiles also add an element of luxury and make space look almost like a design showcase. If the kitchen has access to natural light, these tiles shine, only making the space brighter. While selecting the specific tile, be sure to choose a tile design that is neutral enough to blend in with the rest of your kitchen.