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Hassle Free Solution to Your Eyebrow Problem!!

Ageless Laser Centre’s in Victoria BC, not only just makes you believe that a healthy living is important for a smooth life but also explains that healthy living is not only about looking young from the outside but its also about increasing the quality of life from the inside. At our Centre’s we have committed consultants who help you in choosing the best and latest beauty techniques which might help you to cut the aging possibilities in your life. We provide various services amongst which Semi-Permanent Eyebrow tattoo is one.

The manual micro blading is a type of semi-permanent tattoo which involves the use of small needles, instead of using a tattoo gun that makes up a small blade to help deposit pigment under the skin.

There are three different Eyebrow enhancement procedures to cater to the eyebrow concern:

• Brow Fill – It is best for enhancement of the eyebrows that are already in the correct position and shape but are very light.

• Brow Design - The most popular Cosmetic tattooing brow and Permanent Makeup Eyebrow process is brow design which is essentially used when the eyebrows require a complete makeover. We are addicted to the same shape of the eyebrows even though it may not go along with the fashion. To provide the look which best suits the face and highlights the facial features, this process allows to reposition the eyebrows, adjust the arch, determine whether a curve or angular eyebrow will be more flattering and adjust the thickness, color, and length of the eyebrow according to the facial features.

• Brow Revision – It is a more complex process that may require around three sessions and is used when the customer has once already applied Semi-Permanent Eyebrow tattoo requires correction to color, shape or position.

It is done by using a variety of sophisticated digitalized European technologies and specialized handheld devices with disposable and sterilized needles.

The surgeons apply anesthesia to the area before and during the session, to numb and to provide comfort to the customer. It is not advisable to have these processes performed the week prior to the menstruation starts, as at that time it can be uncomfortable for most of the ladies.

The customers with bleeding disorders, skin allergies, highly inflamed or broken skin on the areas which requires treatment, and also people with blood thinners. The Semi-Permanent Eyebrow tattoo cannot be applied over moles or cholesterol deposits or certain scarred tissues.

After the process, the customer has side effects like mild redness and slight swelling which disappears very quickly after the process is completed. The customer-facing such side effect may apply a cold gel pack. The customer must keep the area moist by applying a special ointment for approximately 7 to 10 days and avoiding the sun exposure is absolutely necessary.

If you have a future plan to have Semi-Permanent eyebrow tattoo then you should carefully know the details about the service and its benefits. It is always a good idea to try something new in life which definitely makes you feel good and enriching.