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Find Best Flying Lessons in Australia

Your dream of becoming a professional airline pilot can come true with a Commercial Pilot license. If you are looking to take a commercial flying license all you need to do is take flying lessons. And if you are worried about the cost of such courses then you will be delighted to know that flying lessons Australia is affordable and one of the best flying lesson providers in the world. The commercial pilot license offered by flying lessons schools in Australia is globally accepted by most of the airline companies.

Australian National Airline College offers Commercial Pilot License with multi engine endorsement and instrument rating. In order to pursue an airline career you need to choose Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) and Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) course.

Australian National Airline College is one of the best flying schools in Australia. The college was founded 17 years ago and since then has produced many commercial pilots who are now placed with prestigious airline companies globally.

The college is spread across two campuses - One at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne for the private students, the other at Mangalore Airport near Melbourne where airline cadet students are trained.

All the flying lessons Australia follow the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 142 integrated training syllabus which means all students looking to obtain a commercial pilot license need to undertake flying training as per the syllabus which requires your practical and theoretical training to be conducted in a certain order.

As per the integrated syllabus, all aspiring candidates need to have a minimum total flight time of 150 hours of which 70 hours must be as pilot in command before you can appear for the flight test for a CPL. The license you receive following flying lesson Australia will be a CASA license. This means the license that you will obtain will be recognised worldwide. Not only that, the course is valued and honored by most countries so kick starting your career as a commercial flight pilot wouldn’t be a difficult one. The license will be a testimony of your flying skills and knowledge which will be respected by everyone.

Different kinds of courses are offered by the flying institute that includes -Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot License) and Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating). This is a 72 weeks course. They also offer a Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot License) programme which is a 52 weeks course. There is also a separate Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot License) course of 20 weeks duration.

Getting a commercial pilot license can help you land a dream career and a dream job. But it is important that you do pilot training from a well-known and reputed institute. Australian National Airline College is one of the pioneers in the field. However, know about all the details, courses and fees so that you do not get any late minute surprises. The institute has produced many successful commercial pilots over the last 17 years who are now flying with prestigious airlines around the globe. It’s now your turn to make your dream come true!