Jul 20, 2018 9

Affordable Surf Hotel Bali

Bali is one of the most preferred surfing destinations among surf enthusiasts across the globe. The warm water, the pristine beaches and the perfect surfing waves – you can’t find it better anywhere else than Bali. No wonder that travelers flock to Bali especially those who love water sports.

While you go on a vacation you want to relax and have fun. So finding a suitable accommodation is very important if you want to have peace of mind while on your trip. That’s the reason most surf enthusiasts love to stay at Stoked Surf the most affordable and comfortable surf hotel Bali.

Located strategically right in the middle of all the happenings at Bali, this surf hotel Bali features all modern amenities that you can expect out of a luxury hotel. They also offer hotel pick up and drop from airport without any cost so that you can have the most of your time looking around the place and spend most of the time doing what you love to do the most – surfing!

This surf hotel Bali has everything in offer that a surf enthusiast can ask for. If you need any additional services all you need to do is write to them a note about your requirements and everything will be at your disposal upon your arrival at Bali. If you wish to look around Bali on a motorbike or want to rent a surf board throughout your stay at Bali, just let them know!

On a nominal additional cost, you can add a yoga package as well to your holiday package. The yoga 108 Bali is in Seminyak which is just 10 minutes away. It’s a great idea to incorporate yoga package along with your surf hotel Bali trip because it offers you a great way to relax during your holiday.

If you are not surfing or doing yoga, there are still a lot of things to do in Bali. You can roam around this beautiful beach town, sit and relax on the beach or just hang out in any of the bars with a glass of beer. If you love shopping then Bali is a paradise for shopaholics. You will love to hop between the shops and pick up one or two memorabilia back home from your Bali trip.

Coming back to surf hotel Bali packages you can choose from the different package options according to your convenience. The three nights and two days package include accommodation for two nights, 2.5 days car and guide to roam around the place, delicious breakfast spread each morning, hotel pick up and drop from airport. If you wish to stay for longer there is a seven days and 6 nights package option which include accommodation for 6 nights, car and guide service for 6.5 days, breakfast for every day, plus airport pickup and drop. For the intermediate traveler there is another package for five days and four nights which includes accommodation for four nights, airport transfer and of course a widespread breakfast buffet every morning!