Jun 29, 2016 334

Portable Massage Tables

An all-important equipment for therapists and massage students alike, a portable massage table comes with a lightweight design that makes it easy to move from one place to another. Intended for use in massage therapy to relieve pressure and pain, this table offers many advantages that will surely help you achieve long-term goals.


Built with thick foam cushions, this table can provide long-time comfort to users. It is also wide enough to have room for the extra movement for the client’s body like the legs and arms.


For those who want to enjoy the relaxing sensation right at the comfort of their homes, a portable massage table comes with an adjustable height that can match varying size requirements.


The thick foam-cushioning is designed to deliver comfort even for longer periods of time. It comes with a bonus carry bag which makes it easier to bring to the gym or to the office.


Made from surprisingly lightweight aluminum frames, a portable massage table is convenient to set up in varying room-sizes like bed rooms and living rooms. 


Unlike stationary tables, a portable massage table is a more affordable option especially for starters. Investing in such equipment is a sensible move considering that a large budget is required if you plan to go to spas on a regular basis. Aside from the remarkable convenience that it offers, this reasonably priced and highly effective table can help meet the needs and demands for both running a spa and relaxing.


Made from strong and durable materials, a portable massage table is designed to last and withstand a large weight capacity.

What Types of Massages can be Performed Using a Massage Table?

A portable massage table can be used to perform different types of massage, making it the ideal tool for massage therapists who frequently travel to visit clients at home or at the office. These include deep tissue massage for those who prefer more pressure in every stroke, Swedish massage for those who like widely varying pressure and sports massage for those who love increased pressure and deeper penetration. Other tasks that can be performed on a professional massage table are stone massage, Reiki, acupuncture, as well as beauty work and massage.