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Planning for Kitchen Remodel? Consider These Kitchen Areas!

If your kitchen has started looking old and has become out of function then probably this is the time when you should consider investing in your kitchen improvement to make it modern and more functional.

Kitchen is one of the most important spaces of your house that you must take care of because it provides you with daily meals which is the basic requirement to live.

However, when planning for a kitchen remodel, people often leave out certain key areas of the kitchen. Leaving these areas undone can put all your efforts in vain and you will not get a satisfactory result out of your kitchen remodeling plan.

What are these kitchen areas that you must consider while remodeling your kitchen for the effective outcome? Read this post further and find out!

Kitchen Countertop

It is your kitchen counter where you chop vegetables and cook your food. Consider the amount of space you should dedicate to your kitchen countertop.

For those who cook a variety of foods and also cook very frequently, usually, need more kitchen counter space than those who do not cook very frequently and cook simpler foods. So, consider the counter space as per your requirement.

You should have countertop of at least 36 inches to prepare the food conveniently. There are various materials which are used for kitchen countertops and some of the most popular ones include marble, granite, ceramic tile, solid surfaces, plastic laminate, wood, etc. All these materials are heat resistant and scratch proof, you can choose whichever you want. 

Kitchen Cabinets

 Kitchen cabinet grabs most of the attention in your kitchen space. Overlooking this area can be a big mistake. When considering kitchen cabinet remodel then there are various aspects or factors that you need to pay attention to. For example, the storage capacity, cabinet door style, color, hardware, and the material used.

If you have a small kitchen then you must look for the kitchen cabinets with more storage space to store your kitchen appliances. Storing away your kitchen items in the cabinet will make your kitchen to look bigger in space.

Some of the widely used materials for kitchen cabinets are wood veneer, polyethylene cabinets, decorative laminate veneer, etc. When it comes to the kitchen cabinet painting then you must consider the color that complements your entire kitchen space.

Kitchen Floors

Your kitchen floors require your attention as much as other areas of your kitchen. Updating your kitchen flooring can change the entire look of your kitchen, so don’t undervalue this aspect of your kitchen.

Usually, people use regular ceramic tiles but they are now so out of trend, you can replace them with the more modern options like bamboo flooring, porcelain tiles, laminate flooring, wooden flooring, etc. You can take suggestions from the kitchen or home remodeling experts or home interior designers to make the best choice.

Kitchen Splashback

Usually, people don’t consider the kitchen splashback for their kitchen space which is an error of judgment. A Kitchen splashback is nowadays not just an option but a kitchen essential.

Not only it protects your kitchen walls from heat, oil or water splashes but also makes your kitchen modern. You can even choose customized kitchen splashback according to your taste and kitchen needs.

Generally, glass is considered as the best material for splashbacks because of its heat resistant and easy maintenance qualities. So, if your kitchen lacks a splash back then install one or if you have a kitchen splashback then update it with modern design.