Apr 19, 2019 0

Painting Kitchen Cabinet With These Easy Steps!

Are you bored of the persistent look of your kitchen and considering to make some changes to give it a new look to break the monotony? If yes then probably painting your kitchen cabinet can be the best option for you.

It will not only give the new look and vibes to your kitchen but will also save your pocket from other renovation methods. Instead of opting for the renovation of your kitchen which will cost you more and will also consume more time, you can paint your kitchen cabinet. It will fulfill your need of giving new look to your kitchen in a cost-effective manner.

When it comes to painting your cabinets, here are the steps to follow for effective results.

Planning of Painting

The first step is the planning which involves understanding the material of your cabinets and choosing the right color. For this step, you can take the help of the professionals for the best advice.

If you have plastic laminate cabinets then it may require some special techniques or paints. This is because plastic laminate cabinets are difficult to paint than the wood and metal laminate cabinets. You can test the sample of the paint on some hidden areas of the cabinet to see whether the paint bonds perfectly with the material.

Choose the right color of the paint which goes uniformly with the entire color of your kitchen. Mostly, shades of white or gray are considered the best for cabinets.

Remove the hardware

To paint the cabinets, the hardware like doors, pulls, knobs and drawers must be removed otherwise you may leave out some places while painting. Then, you can label them to put them back in the right place later.

Also, make sure to keep them in bags safely, otherwise they may get misplaced. So, keep them in a secure place to locate them after the painting is done.

Wash and clean your cabinets properly

This is the most crucial step before painting kitchen cabinet. It is important to thoroughly remove all stains like grease, oils, splatter, heat, etc.

If it is not done properly then these substances might prevent the bonding of the paint and cabinets. Also, if you are cleaning with the water then make sure to let it completely dry first before applying the paint.

Sand the surface and use primer

Sand the surface to prepare them for smooth painting. It cleans the surface to bond, thus, makes the painting process easier and lets you paint smoothly.

A properly bonded coat ensures its durability and to achieve it, apply the primer evenly to the entire surface. The primer provides a solid base for water-based paints and covers the stains that may sit in the grains. Shellac or oil are considered as good primers.

Apply The Paint Properly

The last step is to paint the cabinet. Use cabinet-specific paints instead of wall paints. Usually, acrylic paints are preferred more for cabinet paintings.

Start painting from the inside edges. Paint it evenly and do not let the paint accumulate on a single spot. Make sure to allow the paint to dry for at least 3-4 hours before applying the next coat.

So, paint your kitchen cabinet with these easy steps and improve the look of your kitchen.