Dec 02, 2016 409

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Want to stay warm by looking cool? Wear a scarf!

Boll & Branch scarves—like the Cable Knit Scarf—are a simple way to amp up your cold-weather style. Not only do they bring a whole new look to your winter wardrobe, but they’re super warm and 100% organic. 

They also make the perfect stocking stuffer for those who are looking for thoughtful gifts $50 and under! We decided to share a few styling tips to get the most out of your new favorite winter accessory.

The Wraparound

We’ll start you off nice and easy! Hold the scarf from end to end and place over your head to rest the middle of the scarf on the back of your neck. Grab the right end and wrap it around your head once, and do the same with the other end.

Designer Organic Cotton Scarf

The Cozy Neck Wrap

First, do the “Wraparound” above, making sure you have just enough length to tie a loose knot with the ends. Tie a simple knot and tuck it underneath to hide.

Designer Organic Cotton Scarf

The French Knot

This one takes a little more concentration. Fold your scarf in half and place it over your head to rest the middle of the folded scarf on the back of your neck. You should have the loop on one side of your neck and the two loose ends on the other side. Take one of the loose ends and go over one side of the loop and then back under the other. Take the second loose end and go under the loop, then back over. Adjust the length as needed.

Designer Organic Cotton Scarf

The Infinity Loop

You can achieve an infinity loop with our Origami Scarf by wrapping it one to two times around your neck. This is a quick fix for anyone who’s running short on time!

Designer Organic Cotton Scarf