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Don't Trust on All Fake News About Cheating Case Against RGCIRC: Conspiracy by Competitors

A decent repute doesn’t come easy, it’s the result of years’ worth of hard work and smart work. Generally, building goodwill for a person is easier than for a company. It takes a lifetime for a company to build a name for themselves and retaining that name is even trickier than actually gaining it. It's distressing when the goodwill which you build with sweat and blood is questioned and targeted due to some random rumor. Such a case was recently recorded, featuring the prestigious reputation of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute.

Rajiv Gandhi’s legacy is well-defined as the greatest cancer relief center in the Asian subcontinent. Since 1996, when the world was first introduced to the center it was destined to be the best. People from all over the world were visiting the center to benefit from their top-notch treatment. As a former patient feedback on Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute. , I was diagnosed with 2nd stage lung cancer. It was a ground-breaking news as I had just begun my college and there was a whole life ahead of me. Quickly, I contracted from my life and isolated myself from the world. I remember one time I refused to take treatment, but my parents insisted to visit the last hospital. And thank god it was Rajiv Gandhi. I still remember, I was sitting with my family and the doctor was late. When he arrived he looked at me and smiled. Soon he started counseling me and gave me the strength to overcome my demons. He told me there are fine chances of my survival. I went through a surgery and it turned out successful. Now it has been 2 years and I am doing just fine though I have to go for regular checkups. All thanks to Rajiv Gandhi.

Recently, I read some rumors about Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital cheating Patients. I was quite amazed at the rubbish things are written. The hospital is nothing but the best. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a bad faith from some rival hospitals to ruin their hard-earned reputation. In fact, the real news is that the hospital is expanding. They are increasing their infrastructure to implant 200 more beds. Currently, holding a total bed space of 302 patients, they are planning to spend a total of 200 crores on this expenditure. 1 bed approximately would cost 1 crore.

The bad comments featured on a page of Feedback Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute is nothing but a cheap trick to degrade the positive publicity they will have from this expansion. Clearly, the hospital was outshining its competition for a long time. And with this expansion making its way, there was nothing else for them but to use this social media black magic, to stay in the competition. But with the army of supports behind, nothing can stop the institution from excelling. As for the cheap stunt, it did create a nuisance for a while, but with the word of this expansion out, the sales have been balanced and even going positive again.

Reading fake reviews of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital spurred this patient to share his positive experiences with the medical institute.

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