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UAE Company Setup Services

The United Arab Emirates has been experiencing consistent economic growth that has in turn created new business and investment opportunities that appeal to investors from different countries including India. For instance, the UAE has a lot of demand for imports and exports that foreign investors can benefit from since no currency restrictions are applicable. Additionally, you can start a business or a company in different parts of the UAE, each with their own company setup rules and guidelines.

The UAE company setup services are offered based on the type of business activity a foreign investor wishes to venture into. Entrepreneurs can form onshore, offshore, free zone or mainland companies as per the UAE company formation laws. Onshore company formations offer access to the vast local UAE markets and require sponsorship from a UAE national. Free zone company setups are ideal for entrepreneurs targeting markets and economies outside the UAE jurisdiction. Free zone company formations do not require a local sponsors and are exempt from taxation laws.

When seeking UAE company setup services for a main land company, a limited liability company or a Free Zone company, one is required to have a unique and designated name for their company formation. The Department of Economic Department requires that person is also required to pick a suitable location for the company in order to have the company registered. Afterwhich a trade licence is granted depending on the type of business activity to be carried out.

UAE company setup services

Based on the different legal company formations in the Middle East, the UAE Company set up services are vast. They include; company registration where an investors is taken through the company registration process and is granted legal advice about the different rules and regulations governing their preferred company formation type. They also offer tax consulting services and assist persons to comply with tax obligations. Other services include; book keeping and accounts making sure that your company records are up-to-date as required by the law. UAE company setup services also entail visa application and renewal services for investors, their employees and family members. Other core company set up services include: payroll services, company incorporation, setting up branches, auditing and local sponsorship. There are numerous UAE company setup services that vary based on the type of company formation in question. However, an established and dedicated UAE company setup services provider should be conversant with the different company setup laws in UAE. Further, they should be in a position to offer company setup services within the shortest time possible or as per client requests. The UAE company setup services offered in India are beneficial to everyone who wants to set up a company or start a business in the Middle East.