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An Ultimate Guide to Getting a Business License in Dubai, UAE

Looking to establish a business in Dubai? There are many things crucial to be considered – from choosing a location, finding a partner, funds for setup to of course, the business licensing. Yes, getting a business license in Dubai is the most pressing concern for those who want to start a venture here.

What Is Business License and Why Do You Need to Get It?

Business license is mandatory for company formation in Dubai. If you are looking to setup a company here, you must have to choose the right license.

There are different types, and each is given to some certain business activities. This means you need to choose the type suitable for your business. Below are the types of licenses provided for business setup in Dubai:

Commercial License:This is given for all kinds of general trading as well as specialized trading activities

Professional License: A business will need a professional license if it does provide professional services such as craftmen, doctors, teachers, artisans, repairing services, etc.

Industrial License:You will need this type of license if your business involves activity.

Tourism License: Those looking to start a travel and tourism agency or a venture in hospitality sector need to get tourism license.

A business license is very important to starting a business in Dubai. In fact, without a proper license, you are not allowed to do any type of business. A business license is no just a green card for company formation, but also it validates your business as a legal entity certified to do business. It also takes the accountability of your commercial proceedings and protects your asset. Also, getting a business license you can avail of the benefits and opportunities available to local businesses.

How to Get a Business License

Now you know the importance of what type of a business license you need for your company formation in Dubai. It is time to understand the process for applying for it.

It is important to know that various businesses have different requirements. This means the criteria and requirements to be met for a business will vary for another business. You should know what requirements there are for your type of business. And you can get to know about this at the license issuing department. Or you can also consider hiring a business setup consultant to help you get business license in Dubai not just because you do not want to fly to Dubai and stay there until you get the license, but also because there are many benefits of it.