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PAN Cards Fraud Could be Avoided Now - Alankit Assignments Limited

There’s no disputing the significance of the PAN card since producing its photocopy is mandatory for almost all legitimate undertakings in India. But is the key document safe from fraud? What if the information shared is misused? Read on for some tips from Alankit Assignments that can help you avoid it.

The Permanent Account Number (PAN Card) is unquestionably one of the most critical documents today for Indian citizens. Allotted by the Income Tax Department to every taxpayer, the unique 10 digit number serves as a vital identity proof. While the PAN card was initially rolled out to prevent tax evasion, it is now required for a large number of activities including financial dealings.

Safeguard Your PAN Card:

Furnishing a PAN card photocopy is essential for processing quite a few transactions. Hence the primary document needs to be safeguarded to avert the eventuality of being conned. This is where Alankit Assignments Limited frauds prevention tips come into play. The customer-oriented e-governance company not only helps in acquiring the document but also offers guidance to protect personal information from illegal use. Here are a few valuable tips.

Random Transactions: 

The pan card consultancy advises cardholders to refrain from disclosing details of the sensitive document or handing out photocopies randomly. In fact, the Group counsels against using the PAN as ID proof for offhand transactions.

Personal Custody: 

The user-friendly company stresses the need to keep the PAN Card in personal custody at all times. If the document has been handed for verification purpose, Alankit urges the holder to take back the PAN Card at the earliest.

Avoid sharing details:

Another valuable piece of guidance by Alankit for fraud prevention is to avoid divulging PAN Card details to strangers via the phone or e-mail. Scampsters reportedly pose as personnel from the banking sector or the visa office to extract PAN details for suspect transactions.

Stay vigilant: 

Another word of caution from the Pan consultant is to maintain vigilance when getting photocopies of the document. It pays to keep an eye on the proceeding.

The PAN Card number is an important identity proof hence the conglomerate reinforces the need for patrons to take relevant steps to prevent personal information from falling into unscrupulous hands.