May 07, 2019 0

The Best Calendar App for iPhone?

Dayhaps Calendar App

There is a lot to like about Dayhaps default calendar app for iPhone.

It indicates the date icon on the domestic display screen (something no different app can do barring the utilization of a notification badge). two When I’m the utilization of this app, I stay in the “List View” so I can scroll my upcoming events. I don’t have a lot of activities on my calendar (I tried to keep away from conferences like the plague). I do like to be capable to get a speedy look at my week to know what I have coming up. It’s closely built-in with the rest of Apple’s platform.

Dayhaps app does a lot of things well. It integrates all of your calendars into a single app, affords well timed travel time archives (pulling the data from Apple Maps traffic data), and is undemanding to use. Where it should improve is in its “time to enter an appointment.” While it has delivered matters like auto-complete, it genuinely need to add higher natural language enter for rapid entry. For many apps now, that is a preferred feature. If you are getting into a lot of occasions on your iPhone, Dayhaps shared calendar app will get tedious quickly.