May 10, 2019 1

Printer with Scanner: Multi- Purpose solution at Home

A printer was and continues to remain a smart inclusion in any home. While job seekers rely on them to print updated resumes, students turn to them for completing projects and assignments. Moreover, with advancements in technology, all-in-one printers such as color printers with scanner have emerged that are known to make your life much easier. There are lots of perks of owning a home printer such as portability and convenience.

If you are thinking of buying one, the following points may encourage your purchase-

Saves Time and Money

Owning a home printer enables you to print your documents at any time. Besides printing documents, you can even print your personalized calendars, paper pads, images, stickers etc., hence saving your stationery costs. Moreover, it is much easier to just print off whatever you require rather than standing in queues to get your stuff printed. Images and business cards when printed once in a while might not appear heavy on your pocket but when the yearly cost is estimated, it surely is a lot! Owning a portable photo printer saves you from such expenses.

Accessible and Convenient

You often come across situations when you have a specific project to be completed within a tight deadline. No matter whether its late night or early morning, owning a printer at home means you don’t have to wait for the printing shop to open. There are people who buy a portable photo printer in India as it is compact and can be carried anywhere with ease. However, having a printer at home is ideal for printing crisp color photos and important documents anytime. Apart from this, a Colour Printer With Scanner allows you to access hard copies on your laptop, computer, etc. So, why wait and rely on outside resources when you can do everything at the convenience of your home.

Hard Copies Are Always Useful

With so many gadgets available, what’s the need of paper right? Well, you are wrong. Paper was and will continue to be functional. Although the use of computers and tablets might be the common norm, papers or hard copies are still mandatory for important documents and contracts. Moreover, most of you may find it better to study from high quality prints outs from portable photo printers instead of straining your eyes on laptops and gadgets.


It might look and sound complicated at first, but a home printer can be used to customize and print whatever you require. Business cards for instance! If you have even a little bit of knowledge related to graphic designing, you can design your own card rather than relying on commercial and professional printers. There are websites and apps that can give you access to pre-set templates. A portable photo printer at home can give you the opportunity to portray your creativity as it provides the leisure time and ease for the creative juices to flow.