We are makers of very unique and high quality desktop speakers based in Vancouver, Canada.

Our Story

Serene Audio started as a DIY project by me, audiophile founder Sia Rezaei, to bring high fidelity sound to my desk environment. I was looking for a computer speakers that would match the fidelity of my dedicated and rather large sound system. With much research, I tried and measured several studio monitors and high-end bookshelf speakers but they didn't meet my size and budget requirements. Finally, I ended up having two big and expensive bookshelf speakers with a dedicated amp on my desktop which was rather unsightly. There was no computer speaker on the market for a discerning listener. So I set out to make my own desktop speakers that would pass my standard in sound quality and craftsmanship without taking up too much desktop real-estate and budget.  I started to experiment with different technologies, shapes and materials. 

After many prototypes, I finally arrived at a passive design that is the predecessor of our Talisman speakers today. One which you can see a picture of below. I lived with these prototypes for more than a year and they just kept amazing me one song after another with their transparency, big sound stage, and the easy and non-fatiguing sound. I wanted to share them with the world, so I started Serene Audio.

As you can see in the picture above, they are not exactly the pinnacle of beauty and design yet! Serene Audio is as much about beautiful design as it is about sound performance. We wanted our speakers to be beautiful objects that you would enjoy looking at. As Theo Jansen puts it: “The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds” So, we wanted to make sure they set a new standard for desktop speakers not only in terms of sound but also materials and craftsmanship. 

We spent more than a year on designs and fabrication processes. We were very fortunate to find all the talent needed locally and, to this date, majority of our fabrication processes happens in our workshop in Vancouver.

Finally, our labour of love had come to fruition. We had something that we were very proud of both in terms of performance and aesthetics. Since then, we have been innovating and we developed our own amplifier to push the performance envelope even further. We strongly believe they are the best speakers on the market in this category. You will be as proud for owning them as we are for creating them.

Product reviews:

“ The Talisman were beyond many of the other leading desktop speakers in terms of tonal balance, articulation, sound stage size, mid-range openness, over all sonic clarity, and offered hour after hour of none fatiguing listening.” - Audio Review

“ If you are looking for a plug and play computer solution, you cannot go wrong with these small Canadian beauties.” -Audiophilia

“I brought your speakers to Magnolia Audio so I could try multiple subwoofers. They were blown away by the speakers. They brought in everyone to hear them. I wish you could hear it. It sounds as good as my B&W PM1s!!!!” -Lou S.

“Right out of the box, I was impressed. I can't believe how a 'computer's speaker can be so laid back and yet detailed at the same time. Not sure how you guys did it but great job!!! I plan on buying another pair or two as presents for Christmas time. ” -Laurence C.

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