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Tips to Find Good Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce cases have been increasing year on year basis. As per the statistics on an average in Toronto 40%-50% marriages end in divorce thus increasing the market for a good lawyer. Firms like Sepray law, firm based out of Toronto comes to rescue here. I understood this fact when I passed through the same phase in life.

Moving out of a relationship is not an easy task. It could be both emotionally & financial draining and can be the traumatic event that one has to go through in life.

If both the parties are in agreement, the process of separation becomes easy but in case of no out of court settlement, the assistance of divorce lawyer becomes an essential part.

I was confused and was trying my best to find a divorce attorney in Toronto who understand my part and reduce the pain of sorting out the process making it less stressful and intimidating. I tried hard to find the best divorce lawyer near me until I got referred to Separy law and my entire problem were taken care.

The divorce lawyer here was understanding and considerate. They listened to me patiently and answered all my queries and gave me the right full information which helped me make the right decision.

Here are a few important aspects that I considered while hiring a divorce lawyer:

Attorney Fees

Lawyer charge on the basis of hourly consultation or at a fixed price for the consultation, enquire about the fees of the divorce lawyers before making an appointment. Do not just opt for a lawyer based on how low or high the charges. Low-cost service by a lawyer doesn’t mean that he is any less efficient than his expensive counterpart. Have a transparent communication with your lawyer during an initial consultation to under the expectation and then choose one.

Look for Specialist

Do not just hire any lawyer but hire the one who has expertise in divorce and family law. Lawyers can practice any kind of law and hiring the lawyer who is not very well versed with your kind of case can turn your case upside down.


Go for a lawyer who has ample years of experience handling cases like you. Every state has a different set of laws for divorce and an experienced law will be well versed them and will represent your case at par in a court of law.


The best way to decide on which divorce lawyer is good for you is by reaching out to the old clients of the attorney. If you do not know any, do not shy away from asking attorney itself. Any good lawyer would have a list of at least a few clients who would be ready to share their experience of attorney with you.

Open Communication and Accessibility

Communication is the foundation of any case. It is very essential that you and attorney share professional connection inside and outside the courtroom to be on the same page. While speaking to earlier clients always gather information on ease of communication with the attorney, how the prompt lawyer is responding to calls or messages and how easily he is accessible when required. If this is missing it will only turn out to be frustrating and will make you unhappy. Go for a lawyer who is just a call away when needed.

Choosing Speray Law for any kind of divorce case be it small duration marriages or long term marriages that involve assets, child custody, will, debts, child visitation is the right decision that one can make. They are really good at what they do and keep you posted throughout the process.

A lot of divorce cases are being won or lost on the basis of kind of divorce lawyers and finding the right one to handle your legal proceedings becomes a crucial part.

Divorce attorney Toronto involves ample amount of paperwork in the form of filling a lot of forms and other documentation and the expertise of lawyer makes it easier.

Hiring the experienced Divorce attorney nearby with a good record of family law thus becomes the most crucial part to handle your x and reduce the confusion.