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Interesting Date Night Ideas for your First Anniversary

Interesting Date Night Ideas for your First Anniversary

The first anniversary with your significant other is a special occasion worth celebrating. This particular date is the time to celebrate, remember and cherish all those lovely moments of life that you have been together.

It is quite obvious for you and your better half to be excited about your first anniversary celebrations but reaching on a unanimous decision on how to celebrate it can be a task. Whether you are looking for a budget date night or an extravagant evening, here are a few ideas that will help you decide on what to do.

Go for an adventure activity

Why not take an offbeat approach towards celebration and go for an adventure activity. If you are a competitive couple, go for a game of paintball. To get high on adrenaline, you can go for river rafting or bungee jumping together. These activities are said to strengthen the bond between two people. Research says that when two people undertake an adventure activity together, it deepens their companionship. You can also design a romantic treasure hunt for your significant other.


Indulging in retail therapy is the best way to spend quality time with each other. You can discover new styles together and get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. Shopping malls are a one-stop-shop to solve all your fashion woes. Whether you want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe or revamp your whole look, they have all kinds of shops.

Channeling your inner Foodie

If you and your partner bonded over your love for food, then eating to your heart’s content is the best way to spend your first anniversary together. You can go for a full-day food spree and try out different delicacies in some nice food courts in Delhi or any other metropolis cities. You could have three different cuisines for your breakfast, lunch and dinner and top it with some scrumptious sweets.

Movie night

Rather than elaborate gifts and outings, sometimes all you need to do is watch a movie together to reconnect with your partner. Go out to the theatre or binge on movies at home with a tub of popcorn, bags of chips and a lot of soda. It will take you back to your pre-wedding days and give you some major nostalgia. Whether you are fan of Bollywood movies, Hollywood flicks or want to binge on all seasons of a particular TV series, you will definitely have a night you’ll remember for long.