May 15, 2017 13

From a Minolta Picture Shooter to a Sony Enthusiast

There isn't much of a story, not much of some exciting moments or a true adventure. It's just the story of a kid that began photography in the 80s with a legendary Minolta X-700 SLR camera. That kid didn't really know what he was doing.

Many years later a young man recognized the news: Sony just bought the Minolta's camera division. That was interesting. Because that young man has been a true Sony nerd through all the years. I still own a Walkman, use a Sony TV, I own every PlayStation gaming console, I have a Sony CD player, a Sony AV receiver and so on.

But it still took a while. In 2005 I bought a Canon Digital IXUS 30. Photography got me again. So in 2007 I bought a Canon EOS 400D.

In 2013 then I wanted to go for full format and I was searching for a new, real tool. I remembered Sony... and bought an A99. And I fell in love with Sony again, I used my Minolta gear, Sony listened to the customers - I was happy now.

But... what is this hype about that sexy little cameras, that A7 lineup? Hmm... there are so tiny... well, that's what I thought. Nooo, I wanted a real camera! Heavy gear! I'm a man! Man!

Oh man...

Then I sold my A99 and bought an A7s, later on a A7 II. And I love it. 

Keep on listening to us. Keep on being innovative. Thank you Sony.