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The Role and Importance of Cultural Tourism in Modern Tourism Industry

What is cultural tourism?

This is a kind of tourism that involves leisure travel with the aim to view or experience the character, people, and products of a place, the Encyclopedia explains. Basically, tours designed to provide tourists with an opportunity to experience a certain place’s cultural landscape is a kind of cultural tourism.

What trips are under this category?

Visits to UNESCO world heritage sites or tours of historic cities fall under this category. If you are coming to visit Barcelona for its architectural masterpieces or you plan on taking a tour of the ethnic neighborhoods in Southeast Asia, then that’s cultural tourism in action. In addition, going to local community festivals as well as to cultural performances are also common types of cultural tourism.

What is its role today?

Cultural tourism is transforming communities everywhere. It is changing the way people view their own identities and cultural products. For instance, in some locales, cultural tourism has shown locals the value of marketing their own authenticity. They have become experts at playing the native and in some cases, may over-emphasize those ties or even manipulate cultural symbols in a bid to provide that ‘authentic cultural experience.’

How important is cultural tourism?

Events under this category draw in more people to the community, resulting in new sources of revenue. Some outside entrepreneurs may also settle in the community to take advantage of the flood of tourists in the area brought on by cultural tourism campaigns. Aside from the revenue factor, many communities on the fringes of large nations now have a voice because of cultural tourism. With events such as community festivals, neighborhoods and small towns can experience a resurgence in tourists.

What can be done?

While there are positive aspects of cultural tourism, it does come with a few cons as well. That’s why it’s essential that communities find ways to counter those cons. This starts with campaigns to prevent intrusive aspects of tourism.

Does your community need it?

If you want to encourage a new influx of investors and tourists to your area, then cultural tourism is one way to make that happen. Consider if you have an authentic experience that you can offer. Keep in mind that travelers want to see and experience life as a local. That means you’re going to need to consider the history and traditions as well as the arts and culture of your area or community, the Florida Department of State says.

Where do you begin?

Start by hiring an expert in cultural tourism. Work together with a pro to help you put together the right strategy. That way, you can make the most out of your budget and campaigns. You’re also more likely to achieve a successful outcome when you have the guidance and advice of a professional in the field.


Cultural tourism is fast becoming an important draw factor in many communities. If you want to revive tourism in your town or area, then this can boost your efforts.