S.M. Santisteban-Delgado "Sao" is a painter and a serenity´s weaver."Her attempt by painting is expressing her inner happiness and share calm around".

My Story

My name is S.M. Santisteban-Delgado "Sao" .
I was born at the  Spanish South, in a rainy morning of the year 1980.

Inspired by nature and the each thing´s light, ​I painted since ​being a small​ child​, ​since I was ​​able to hold a​ pencil or a​ paint-brush​. I tried to express my emotions using paper, ink, even photographs.

...​Life i​s a​ path​, the​refore​ I keep learning and creating ​new works step by step, gradually listening and learning.

Once, I´ve heard someone tolds me my paintings made this person feel calm and a peaceful happiness. I softly smiled and felt honoured and flattered.
With the time, more and more people told me They experienced same serene and happy feeling while looking at my paintings. From that moment I realized that I was a humble painter and a humble maker.....a serenity-maker.

Please, don´t just listen to these my words.....
.....Let my paintings secretly whisper to You silent words that only your heart will be able to listen and understand.

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