Jun 28, 2017 21

Finding beauty in this journey of living

I am a mom, a paraeducator, and a cancer survivor that has just finished treatment.  I'm not a professional photographer, nor do I know how to do a lot of photo editing. I have had my sony a6300 for a little over a month, and have since seen beauty in things I did not realize were there. Photography has been good for my soul and has helped my mind as I move forward to survivorship.

I love to find the unique perspective in things I see around me.

I love that I see beauty in things I have never noticed before.  The tiny elements sitting on corners of buildings or parts of buildings themselves.

Whether it is finding the beauty in my own backyard...

Or creating memories of my family (who hate to be photographed by the way!).  And how can you not love how crystal clear the Sony shoots?!?!?

I hope you will see that my Sony story tells a story of healing and new beginnings.  You don't have to have years of experience...pick up a camera and find your new beginning.  Sony makes it easy to learn.