The delightful surprise

Ok- so I saw ads all the time for Ghurka bags, and I thought " now that's a cute bag" - then after looking off and on the site several times- well I saw the one purse that sucked me in, and I bit the bullet and made my purchase. I waited for my bag to come- and it came- much to my surprise - quick! - in just a few days- and when I opened the box - to the smell of leather- - well that was it! I loved it! It was so much prettier than the photos on the web and oh my- the softness.... it was delicious ! I love it and immediately filled it with my stuff and was so happy to see the pockets were in all the right places and the quality was everywhere! I now cannot see me using any other purse- now I just need to save up so I can buy the same purse in another color! Thanks for making a part of my life simpler! Sandie