Walk, man!

My ears prickled with the softest hum. It's that time of the morning when dreams trickle through to reality like water through fingers.

And today, the usual cacophony of a cock, a doodling, and street vendors, a peddling were shockingly absent. 

Instead - the day was one where I had my own soundtrack. And that sound started to get louder and louder...

In the cochlear tunnels - through the cerebral mountains then down through the valleys of the spine tickling each vertebrae, all the way to the tipsy toes - a veritable musical jolt awakens the system.

And there seemed to be some kind of magical creatures clearly making this sound near my ears.

But then how else could someone be inside my head. This certainly must be some like some kind of a fetal super strength of listening to the outside world by just merely sticking a tiny ear against the mother wall. 

Alas, this is not a Deja Vu birth story to divulge over Pisco Sours after an ayahuasca ceremony either. 

But then I opened my eyes and this magical dream sound still kept playing. Surely there must be a glitch in the dream factory while my olfactory tried to sniff out the sitch!

Pants on - ✅ 

Normal world - ✅ 

Sound - well obvi ✅ 

Well it's a good deal - I open my eyes and the dream ain't over.

And like a stupid bobble head doll on the dashboard of a mini-va... no a dragster - a frickin' dragster - my head is bobbing overwhelmingly with the dream world sound but in the real world.

Then I succumb to fear of losing the dream and close my eyes again.

Louder. The sounds get louderr and louderrrrrr.


OPEN SESAME! (Director's Note - ok, maybe no one said this but this my dream story dammit! Wes Anderson if you're reading let's talk about casting). 


There's the guy I recognize. The Santa Claus of my life - usually annoucing his presence with a present after a long trip from up north! 

And, here I am in my dream sound world and I cannot even with this guy's yammering and bemusing looks. Surely give me a second pop - I have bed hair. And I just don't care even for the muted sounding funny face... And and pointing at my ears (a picture is definitely missing of this exact moment but perhaps imagine roughly - a sequel free Shrek and donkey in a photo booth making silly faces deleted scene moment comes to mind). 

So, I wake up excited to see the guy and try to tell him about my new found dream sound secret. And yet the guy was impossible to hear and I tried to get up and run to him.

Then in one fell swoop, like a magician or your garden variety Santa Claus like gift bearing dad, he bursts the bubble out of my dream world by pulling my ears...But I couldn't even feel his fingers so clearly it must be a dream still...

"I CANT HEAR YOU. What?! Missed you! No school you say?! I can't hear you man..." went my thoughts a nano second before I could run away with my dream world sound skills...

"Walk, man!" he said! 


"It's a walk man! Do you like the music?" 

Anddd that's the story of my first time being awoken to music in headphones experience ever in my life as a kid.

Disclaimer: story is real; picture is slightly outdated (can't  we call this on earth a #TBT?)