Sam's recent music video finds

I love music videos. And I love being lazy. Rheo on my Apple TV enables this for me further. And here's my list of some cool random ones I've come across recently.

To start off - I've been obsessed with animated ish videos.

Major Lazer - who doesn't love desert vibes. Also, reminds me of that one time in Burning Man where I first saw them Live...

Another great Discover Weekly find then also via Rheo

Eclectic beats of SA - weirdly catchy...

On heavy rotation from my Discover Weekly a few weeks ago

#TBT Vibes

Skateeeeeeeeeeee VibesĀ 

Moar #TBT ish vibes - also kinda like an Instagram video Boomerang style on crack?

Kinda told ya I have a thing for animated music videos

Oh Lordey #Team #SquadGoals (I can't find this anywhere else on the tubes but fb...)

Let's keep this nautical theme going and slow it down...