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Shaping future problem-solvers,one block at a time.

Discover the coding and robotics kit for the innovators of tomorrow. Perfect in the classroom or at home, KOOV comes with everything kids need to start building robots, make them move with code and share creations with other young inventors around the world.

Bring STEAM to life.

Empower students to achieve a deeper understanding of programming logic and structure with a powerful tool that supports science, technology, engineering, art and math curricula.

KOOV in the Classroom

Develop 21st century skills.

See how KOOV blurs the lines between learning and playing to stimulate creativity and prepare children for the modern demands of universities and employers across the globe.

Why educators love KOOV.

“The recipes do an amazing job at guiding students through the process from beginning to end.”

Alex Picazo

Rancho del Rey Middle School

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