Oct 31, 2019 0

Increase Mobile App Revenues with Subscriptions

There are many ways to increase mobile app revenues with subscriptions. I am going to give you some examples for Comics, News and Game apps to explain in detail how. At the end of this article I will give some examples as well as some earning potential revenue projections from using app subscriptions.

A general marketing fact is that is costs much more to bring in new customers than it does to keep already acquired customers. With that said we will first take a look at the Comics app.

Increase Mobile Comic App Revenues with Subscriptions

Up until recently in order to purchase the next comic in the series the user would need to go back into their application store for the their phone, find the new comic and then purchase it from here. Think about how much time and money already went into acquiring the customer to purchase the initial app, now you will need to do it all over again. Or do you? Nope, to increase future sales of comic releases simply add a link or a button (either “My Account” or “Subscription Options”, etc. something self explanatory) in the application for the user to subscribe to your app right from the one that they have already purchased. Not only did you just save yourself a lot of time and money but you also have secured some revenue for the next few months.

Increase Mobile News App Revenues with Subscriptions

Most News apps are free and either have ads or their purpose is to gain more traffic from their already acquired readers by giving them easy access to their articles from their phones. Subscriptions will most likely work better for niche news in my opinion because with these the customer will see value in paying you to gather all of their information for them. It saves them time, money and resources. From a blogger’s point of view for example, I would rather pay a subscription fee per month for a few different app news sources instead of searching the web myself for news or hiring someone else to do it for me. Obviously you will need to do the research to check and see if you can charge a fee for distributing other news source’s articles in an app but you get the idea from the example.