Jan 31, 2018 18

Things They Don’t Always Tell You About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is an amazing experience. It brings joy and hope to families and is an indication of a new life joining your home. At the same time, pregnancy also marks a drastic change in the life of a woman. This is both in terms of their physical self and emotional self. There are a number of new things expecting mothers experience as a result of pregnancy. While most women are well aware of these changes due to the availability of knowledge on the web as well as the information that is passed down by their families and medical professionals, there are some facts that aren’t stressed on enough. Having a clear idea about what to expect when you are pregnant will make the transition much easier.

You May Have Soreness And Pain In Unexpected Places

While general body discomfort is expected in pregnancy, there might be surprise sore spots that you experience during this time. For example, while breasts are supposed to be more tender and sensitive to the touch at this time, some people even experience similar sensations in their libs and abdomen. Even though most of these symptoms result from your changing hormonal conditions, it’s comforting to get them looked at by a physician.

You Are Going To Need A Drastic Change Of Wardrobe

This seems like a pretty obvious point. But it isn’t always fully understood by expecting mothers. It’s not just maternity clothes that you’ll need, there are other aspects of your wardrobe and everyday life that will need changing. For example, you will need maternity bras, flatter slippers, new underwear and even lotions during this time period.

You May Be More Emotional Or Less, There Is Really No Telling

The common belief is that women tend to be more emotional during pregnancy. While this can be logically explained by most of the biological phenomena that takes place during pregnancy, there is always the chance that your body responds differently to the hormonal changes. Therefore, don’t be anxious if you don’t experience the expected changes in mood and emotions during pregnancy. Everybody is different and would have a unique response to changes brought on by pregnancy. The secret is to identify when certain changes do occur and to deal with them as they come.

Certain Medical Issues May Worsen

Most people know this fact with regard to serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. However, very few women are aware that pregnancy can even affect minor illness like GERD, skin allergies and asthma. Most women experience severe heartburn during pregnancy as a result of their worsened GERD. Breathing difficulties that some women complain about are attributed to asthma. Understanding the possible changes in your health during this time will help you to stop worrying and to seek the proper medical attention if required. It will also assist you in staying away from unnecessary medication since you will know exactly what sickness you are getting treated for.