Feb 05, 2018 3

How to Make the Most of Your Boxes When You Move House

Moving house becomes a chaotic process only when things aren’t organized. When you know that you’d be required to move out soon, you need to make a plan, a mental one at least, and start working on it properly. If by any chance you cannot get hold of the movers, you still can deal with it by yourself, given that you do things in order. When it comes to packing your stuff, makes sure you consider the convenience factor primarily, so that the whole process runs smoothly.

Boxes for Moving

One tip that anyone is likely to give you is to use the right type of packing boxes to put all of your belongings. Almost all of them could go into these cardboard boxes including books, clothing, non-fragile items, and some of the kitchenware, too. Boxes are convenient and easy to handle, especially when you are moving. It becomes easier to organize and prevents space issues as they can be stacked up in a corner. You can find cardboard boxes in many sizes and types, bigger, stronger ones if you want to put more weight.

Be Organized

As previously mentioned, you may want to be cautious about what you put in your cardboard box. It is okay to put fragile items but always make sure they are packaged well. You may want to use layers of bubble wrap and foam for extra protection, and you don’t have to deal with a mess while you unpack at your new residence. Secondly, you’d need to make sure you categorize all your items before you pack. Even if you think you can save up space, it is best that you do not mix your items. So, see that you don’t put clothes with books, or kitchenware with something else. Just pack them all separately!

Don’t Throw Them way!

Once you are done with the packing, you could label each of these boxes according to its contents to make it easier to identify them. At the end of your moving process, you may want to store your empty boxes away safely, as they surely can come in handy again! If they are in good condition, you may even turn them into a nice gift box with some creative touch ups here and there. Or, if you have kids, you can re-use cardboard boxes for art and craft work in many ways. Get your kids to paint and draw on them, make collages, or turn them into hand crafted objects. In case you won’t be doing any of that, consider using them for storage. You can put away old newspapers and magazines, or other clutter in them and shove them under your bed until you’d be needing them again. If there’s one thing your grandmother has told you, it’s ‘don’t ever throw an empty carton away!’

Moving may not be as difficult as it always seems if you follow a certain plan. If you are a busy, working mom and are just too wrapped up to even think of a plan, use your common sense! It should tell you a simple way out!